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Bachelor of Eastern Medicine and Surgery (5yrs)
BE - Bio Medical Engineering
BE - Electrical Engineering
BE - Energy Engnieering
BE - Mechanical Engineering
BS- Computer Science
BS - Software Engineering
BS (Linguistics)
FCPS (Gynae/Obs)
FCPS (Operative Dentistry)
FCPS (Orthodontics)
FCPS (Prosthodontics)
LL. B - 5 Years
M. Phil (Bio Chemistry)
M. Phil (Community Health Sciences)
M. Phil (Economics)
M. Phil (Education)
M. Phil (International Relation)
M. Phil (Linguistics)
M. Phil (Sociology)
M.Phil - Eastern Medicine
M.Phil (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
M.Phil (Pharmaceutics)
M.Phil (Pharmacognosy)
M.Phil (Pharmacology)
M.Phil (Pharmacy Practice)
Master of Education (M. Ed.)- Regular Mor/Eve/Weekend
MBA - Executive (2 Years) - Islamabad Campus
MBA - Morning (1.5 Years)
MBA - Morning (2.5 Years)
MBA - Morning (3.5 Years)
MBA - Weekend (1.5 Years)
MBA - Weekend (2.5 Years)
MBA - Weekend (3.5 Years)
ME-EE-Communication System and Networks
ME-EE-Control & Automation Engineering
ME-EE-Power Engineering
ME - Energy Engineering
MPH (Community Health Science)
MS - (2 Years) Management Sciences
MS - (3 Years) Management Sciences
MS - Energy & Environment
MS – Electronics
MS – Telecommunication
MSCS - Computer & Communication Networks
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutics)
Ph.D. (Pharmacognosy)
Pharm.D. (5yrs)
PHD - Computer Science
PHD - Eastern Medicine
PHD - Electrical Engineering
PHD - Energy & Environment Science
PHD - Energy Engineering
PhD (Bio Chemistry)
PhD (Economics)
PhD (Education)
PhD (International Relation)
PhD (Linguistics)
PhD (Sociology)
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